I Have Been Enrolling in Classes

Of course I had to practically kill people to get some of the classes that I wanted. The toughest one was called web and mobile app development, I got there really early and the line was already pretty long. It was not really looking good, but I just barely made it. They started announcing that there were so many slots left, because there were a lot of people who were obviously wasting their time. I was not really sure if I was on the wrong side of the divide or not, so I held fast. However a couple of people in front of me abandoned it and a lot of the people behind me wisely left. It turned out that I was the next to last person to get in the class. In fact I suspect that by the end of the semester there are going to be a lot less people in this class, because it is going to be quite hard.

In fact most people do not have the prerequisites to get in a class like this, and I have been doing every computer science class that I could get in since I got here. The obvious thing is that this is basically the only way that I can really be sure that I am going to have a secure future. There are other options, most of them are in medicine. However I do not care much for hospitals or doctor’s offices. There are way too many sick people in hospitals and in particular they have these mutated super germs and flesh eating bacteria. Those things scare the devil out of me. Aside from that I am interested in computers and I have always been pretty good. It is a good deal if you can complete the courses, there is a gold mine at the end.