My Parents Hired Us a Wedding Photographer

When I told my parents that I was getting married, they told me they already knew. I thought that my fiance had told them, but they explained that they could tell from the first time they met him that he was the one. I was never so glad to have my parents be right! My mom and I had a lot of fun planning my dream wedding, and everything fell together really nicely. After I had signed the last deposit check to secure all wedding services, she told me that she and Daddy had hired Doerman Photography to do my wedding pictures.

I had just planned on having some friends take pictures with their cameras and sharing them with me to save on expenses, but my mom explained that just would not do. When I still resisted, she told me to look at their website and if I still felt it was not needed, then she would just lose the deposit and nothing more. I went to the website, and that is when I realized how valuable a wedding photographer truly is. I love my family and friends, but there is no way any of them could do the same kind of work that the photographer did.

I looked through several portfolios, and I was able to see the story with each one. Instead of just showing the bride and groom as well as their wedding party in the pictures, they made the entire day come alive through pictures. I liked how there were not even any people in some of them. In some were just the bridesmaids’ gowns or shoes, and others showed different facets of the wedding like centerpieces or the cake. I also liked how playful the poses were for a lot of the pictures, and I agreed that we definitely needed this professional wedding photographer to capture all of the memories of our special day. Once again, my folks were right!