Sharing My Hardship Helped Me Learn What to Do Next

i was really sick of trying my best and not getting as far as I needed to in school. I have had so many people around me tell me how intelligent I am. I have heard that ever since I was a child, and I hear it constantly now. So, I know that I am smart enough to do my college assignments, but I was struggling with an illness that was taking up too much of my time and putting me further and further behind. I had stumbled across in an Internet search in the past, but had not really checked it out thoroughly. But a close friend of mine mentioned in a casual conversation that she had used their services and they were really helpful.

I had kept it quiet for a long time that I was struggling in school. I did not want others to think that I was incompetent. The other students, who I have made friends with, are all incredibly smart. There is sort of an ongoing competition among each one of us n our group of friends to do our best and try to do better than everyone else. Of course, no one individual in our group is always the leader. Out of the ten of us who hang out together often, most of us tie for doing the best with grades.

Talking to one of my friends in the group about my struggles with keeping up was hard at first. I had been tired of keeping it quiet, and during lunch one day, I just let it slip out. I almost immediately wanted to take it back, but she smiled at me and said that it was good that I shared the info with her. I had been complaining about not being able to get one of my papers done in time, and she told me to just buy one because it’s obvious I know how to do the work already. Good advice!