The New Me Too Awhile to Look Back at Me Through the Mirror

It was tough to lose weight, but I did it! It is so easier to put on extra pounds, and you have to work so hard to get it off. After I completed my goal, I decided that I wanted to do what I could to try to feel feminine again. But despite the fact that I had reached my goal weight, I was still not perfect in my mind. I was not yet comfortable shopping for things in person. So I found some online lingerie and clothing shops and did all my shopping via the Internet and mail. It was a good idea because getting an all-new wardrobe helped to get my brain to see the new me in the mirror.

It isn’t fun being the only fat girl in your class when you’re in elementary school. Most of the other kids wanted nothing to do with me. I would hear giggling and whispering when it was my turn to go up to bat during softball practice. No one wanted the fatty on their team. It made me sad. I had so much to offer people, but most people only focused on what I looked like on the outside. I did make one really good friend, though. Over time, she became my best friend. She’s been my biggest supporter for the past 15 years. And she is the one who got me interested in working out and eating better a couple of years ago.

Never did my friend ever put me down for being overweight. But when we reached our early twenties, she wanted to get healthier. I listened to how excited she was about the way she was learning to eat better and work out. I suddenly wanted to do the same. Thanks to her and some very hard work on my part, I finally see the real me when I look in the mirror while wearing my new clothes and lingerie.