Working on a List of Projects

We bought this house about nine months ago, knowing quite well that there were a number of things that needed to be done to it. Some of it is just beyond our immediate resources, like for example we need to renovate the kitchen and we would love to do the same with the bathroom. I am looking for ways to make the house’s upkeep easier, things like that gutter mesh or gutter helmet which should eliminate much of the need to clean out the gutters. That is one job that I can really do without. The next thing is going to involve the embankment on the side of the house. It has grass on it now, but obviously mowing on an angle like that simply is not much fun and can be rather dangerous. So I am thinking that I will start planting stuff and putting mulch on the slope, stuff that will not cost too much and which will not require much upkeep.

I am not looking to spend much money on that, otherwise I would buy a lot of shrubs. That would take care of the problem easily, but it would cost a good deal more than I want to put into it right now. You would end up paying between fifteen and fifty dollars for each shrub, and you would need something like two dozen to cover this slope. So I am thinking that I will use liriope or monkey grass, along with some hostas. My mom has a lot of each kind, and these plants can easily be made to multiply. If you have one lump of liriope you can split it up into half a dozen smaller plants. In relatively little time they will be big enough so that you split them up all over again.